Patterns on Glass

files/site-data/from-word/patterns1.jpgWith new technologies it was possible to realize the most daring ideas into reality designer or the customer. First is the use of colored, tinted or patterned glass. Perfect decorative effect and have door leaves made ​​of frosted glass "satin". Colourless, with a matte texture drawings and decorative elements on transparent door leaf can be performed using piskostruynoho or chemical matting, and "multi" piskostruyna processing thick glass at different depths can make a truly three-dimensional drawings with dramatic decorative effect.

files/site-data/from-word/patterns3.jpgNot so long ago there were glass doors decorated Sagging specially made ​​to fit the canvas relief drawings and patterns. Traditionally popular and glass cloth on which a drawing or pattern, just as an expensive crystal bowl, put a diamond tool.


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