Frameless glazing

We offer a special way of glazing of balconies and loggias - Frameless. Based on the title, it is easy to guess that this construction no frames and walls.

files/site-data/Frameless glazing/P7241618.JPGIn terms of durability, the frameless glazing system will operate reliably for long let.V the operation of the system requires no maintenance, just once a year, lubricate the rollers with silicone spray WD-40. Robust design with invisible fastening. Robust, resistant to weathering the upper and lower sections of aluminum (guides for parts design) and toughened glass (can withstand 6-7 times larger load than ordinary glass) securely fastened to structural balcony.





Mounted design when closed looks like a smooth wall of glass. To avoid gaps between pieces of glass on its edge, mount acrylic sealant. It can be easily removed, having ventilation slits. So you can ventilate the balcony (which prevents the formation of mold) a year, without opening it. Frameless glazing protects against noise, rain, dust, and does not change the overall look of the facade of the house. Balcony is fully open sliding glass cloth to one of the walls of the balcony and back "book". Fabrics take up little space and reliably recorded. This complete opening and closing the balcony takes a minimum of time (10-15 seconds) and requires no effort - a system equipped with mechanical rollers, so easy to move even a blade with one hand. They are reliable in operation in any weather and in any season.

files/site-data/Frameless glazing/P7241622.JPG

Roller bearing protected from moisture, so even in winter mechanism is not jammed. The design allows you to set different modes of ventilation your loggia or balcony, this provides a reliable mechanism for fixing outdoor paintings. Because they are made back to 900, it is convenient to do both sides, not perehynayuchys through railings. We should not forget that in the case of glazing of balconies or loggias this system you significantly save thermal energy to heat the whole apartment. According to Finnish experts savings of 5-15% per year of the total use. The noise level in the room is reduced by 15-20db (about 2 times). And most importantly, glazed balcony so has aesthetic appearance and does not change the architectural appearance of the building.