Continuous glass door





An important step forward was the widespread adoption of technology in the production of thermal hardening (hardening) of flat glass. This process has allowed to solve the problem comprehensively improve the mechanical strength, thereby safeguarding the safe use of products made of sheet glass in the premises for any purpose. Tempered glass doors each year expand the scope of its application. It is difficult to list all the places that adorn the door glass: upmarket shops and supermarkets, business centers, private apartments and public facilities. Easy and transparent glass doors combined with durability and safety tempered glass, and numerous opportunities for toning and printing on glass doors can make your unique. Due to the wide range of accessories you can always find the optimal configuration of doors or turn it into a more complex glass constructions: vestibule, septum. Frameless door glass have been widely used in the regeneration of saunas, bathrooms and showers. If the tempered glass is still broken, it shatters into many small particles with mild edges, reducing the risk of injury to a minimum. That is why the glass doors are 100% run is made of tempered glass.

Conventional sliding door? Almost! Doors with closers? Well! Pendulum door? Effectively!



To produce glass doors used: Tempered glass thickness 8-10mm. Doors are made to custom size doorway (individually). On request, the door can be mounted in frameless doorway and into a wooden or metal box. Office restraint and austerity, home warmth and comfort - important for you as a first or second? Glass doors complete with a wooden box made ​​from the best grades of wood to fully provide these feelings pryblyzyvshy them into reality! Wide range of accessories, fulfillment options to satisfy even the most demanding customer! For glass doors we use hardware from manufacturers such as: DORMA, MAB Glass, Stremler, Casma, Jade, that will serve you for many years. Possible treatment: AL - anodized aluminum; PSS - polished stainless steel; SSS - matte stainless steel; TP - titanium coating (looks like gold).

Doors shuttle

files/site-data/from-word/doorskey.jpgGlass doors that open both inwards and outwards. Usually used with a door closer on the floor, after opening the back door in the closed position. Most doors are attached to the floor and ceiling.


Doors from the porch

files/site-data/from-word/doorskey2.jpgThese doors only open one way and put in the door frame. Through the side door hinges are mounted to a wall or door frame. The glass doors of this type are internal and relate to apartments, offices (including office partitions made ​​of different materials).

Sliding doors

Sliding glass doors opening departing away. Carriages, which attached glass cloth, moving the upper rail (which is fixed to the ceiling or wall). This design is especially suitable in situations where conventional opening doors take up too much space and partition prohid.Vidkatni doors are inside.